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PVG32 Hydraulic Cylinder Block PVG065 PVG075  Oil Gear Hydraulic Pump Repair Parts

PVG32 Hydraulic Cylinder Block PVG065 PVG075 Oil Gear Hydraulic Pump Repair Parts

  • High Light

    PVG32 Hydraulic Cylinder Block


    PVG065 Hydraulic Cylinder Block


    PVG075 Hydraulic Pump Repair Parts

  • Model
    PVG32 PVG065 PVG075
  • Type
    Cylinder Block, Pistons, Valve Plate, Retainer Plate
  • MOQ
    1 SET
  • Delivery
    1-2 Days After Payment
  • Package
    Safe Package
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    Oil Gear
  • Certification
    ce iso
  • Model Number
    Oil Gear PVG32 PVG065 PVG075
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    safe package
  • Delivery Time
    1-2 days after payment
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 sets/monthly

PVG32 Hydraulic Cylinder Block PVG065 PVG075 Oil Gear Hydraulic Pump Repair Parts

Concrete Pump Truck LINDEB BPR186 / BPR260 Pump Repairing Kit Parts Great Performance




Oilgear PVG065 / PVG075 / PVG100 / PVG130 Piston Pump parts:

You can get sorts of reliable piston pump parts like cylinder block, piston, valve plate, Retaining Plate,

ball guide, shaft, swash plate for piston pumps or motors. All of these parts are highly interchangeable with

genuine products for pump repairing.





  1. Liebherr excavator hydraulic system piston pump ,travel Motor,swing motor.
  2. Liebherr construction machinery
  3. Liebherr concrete mixer cars
  4. Heavy duty machine..such as Excavators / driller / tower machine

We doing most of famous brands such as :




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  2. K7VG180/K7VG265/K5V80/K5V140/K5V160/K5V180/K5V200/K3VG63/K3VG112/K3VG180/
  3. K3VG280/NV45/NV64/NV70/111/NV120/NV137/NV172/NV210/NV270 /NX15/NVK45/KVC925/
  4. KVC930/KVC932 Main Pumps
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  6. Swing Motors .


TeiJin Seiki:



Travel Motors .




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  3. A11VLO40/A11VLO60/A11VLO75/A11VLO95/A11VLO130/A11VLO145/A11VLO160/A11VLO190/
  4. A11VLO250/A11VLO260
  5. A11VG50/A10VG18/A10VG28/A10VG45/A10VG63/A10VTG28/A10VTG45/A10VTG71
  6. A2F12/A2F23/A2F28/A2F55/A2F80/A2F107/A2F160/A2F200/A2F225/A2F250/A2F355/A2F500/
  7. A2F1000/A3V80/A2V12/A2V28/A2VK12/A2VK28
  8. A2FO05/A2FO10/A2FO12/A2FO16/A2FO23/A2FO28/A2FO32/A2FO45/A2FO56/A2FO63/
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  10. A7V26/A7V55/A7V80/A7V107/A7V160/A7V200/A7V225/A7V250/A7V355/A7V500/A7V1000/
  11. A8V55/A8V80/A8V107/A8V160
  12. A8VO28/A8VO55/A8VO80/A8VO107/A8VO160/A8VO250/A8VO355/A8VO500
  13. A7VO28/A7VO55/A7VO80/A7VO107/A7VO160/A7VO250/A7VO355/A7VO500
  14. A6VM28/A6VM55/A6VM80/A6VM107/A6VM140/A6VM160/A6VM200/A6VM250
  15. A6VE28/A6VE55/A6VE80/A6VE107/A6VE160/A6VE250




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  2. PZ-6B-180/PZ-6B-220/PVK-2B-505/PVK-2B-50/PZ4B-100/PVD-00B-14/PVD-00B-16P/
  3. PVD-1B-23/PVD-1B-28/PVD-1B-32/PVD-1B-34