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Oil Seal Hydraulic Pump Components For Hydraulic Pump

Product Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong

Model Number: Oil Seal Used For Hydraulic Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 2pcs

Price: Confirm the price with the salesman

Packaging Details: Wooden box

Delivery Time: Confirm with the salesman

Supply Ability: 5000+KG

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Oil Seal For Hydraulic Pump


Oil Seal Hydraulic Pump Components


Hydraulic Pump Components Oil Seal

Oil Seal Hydraulic Pump Components For Hydraulic Pump

Oil Pump Seal Feature:

[High Quality Material]:

This oil seal is made of top-quality materials, such as FKM and FPM, which are known for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Thanks to its unique molecular structure, this oil seal can maintain its excellent condition over the long term.

Originally developed for use in the aviation industry, these materials have since been adapted for use in the automotive industry, where they are highly valued for their superior sealing capabilities.

[High Sealing]:

This oil seal is incredibly resilient, thanks to its excellent chemical resistance, solvent resistance, fluorinated resistance, and oil resistance. No matter how harsh the environment, this oil seal can maintain its high level of performance and provide superior sealing capabilities. Whether it’s exposed to chemicals, solvents, or oils, this oil seal can withstand it all and keep performing at its best.


Oil Pump Seal Advantages:


This oil pump seal is designed to resist oil, which means it stays clean and free of dirt buildup. What’s more, it’s incredibly durable and can withstand years of use without any changes to its elasticity or performance. Whether you’re using it for short-term or long-term applications, this oil pump seal is built to last. It’s a smart investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

[Flexible Elasticity]:

This oil pump seal is designed with a high level of elasticity, which means it can be used in a wide range of pump sizes. Whether you have a small pump or a large one, this oil pump seal can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Product Parameter:

Size (mm) Part Number Size (mm) Part Number
22*35*6 BAFSL1F 45*68*12 TCN
25*35*6 BAFSLSF 45*80*7/5 BABSL10F*2
28*40*6/5.5 BAB2SL0 547*62*7 BABSL10F*2
28.575*50.8*6.35 TCV 49.23*63.55*7.95 TCV
TCV 41.28*60.32*9.5 TCV
11.11*25.4*9.52 TBV 44.45*57.15*7.9 TCV
10*27*8.5 HLPS 40*60*12 TCN
25*46*9.5 TCZ 48*70*12 TCN
17.46*28.58*5.7/6.3 BAB1SL 49.21*68.22*7.9 HTCR
20*26*5 SVY 44.2*63.55*10 COMBINATION
8*16*9 VC
22*35*6 BABSLF* 242*72*6.5 BAB2SF
25*45*11 TCV 40*62*9/10.3 TCZ
17*30*6 BAFSL1SF 47*65*10 TCV
20*47*6 BABSL1SF 47*62*6 SC
28.56*42*5.5 BAKHDSN 46*68*7 BABSL
25.38*44.42*7.16 HMSA110 44.45*63.5*12.7 0
18*30*6 BAFSL1SF 40*62*11 TC
19*30*6 BAFSL1SF 40*52*7/7.5 BAB2SL
25*45*9 TCZ 50*68*8/8.5 BAB3SI
18*35*9 BABSL 50*70*7 BABSL10F*2
28.575*50.8*6.35 TCV 50*72*7/5 BAFSL1SF
19*35*6 BAFSL1SF 50*80*7/5 BABSL10F*2
25.4*35*6 BAB2 52*72*7/8 BAFSL1SF
10*25.4*6 CRWA5 55*70*7 BAFSL1SF
25.4*44.45*6.35 TC 55*72*7 BABSL10F*2
22*40*7 BABDUO 55*78*12 TCN
19*26*2.5/4.8 SVY 55*90*7 BABSL10F*2
28*40*6/5.5 BAB2SL05 50*65*7 BAFSL1SF
20*40*7 TCV 58*80*8 TCV
30*42*6 BABSL10F* 250*72*12 TCN
33.34*72.39*9.5 UP 50*72*8/6 BAHDSL1.5
34.93*50.8*7.95 TCV 50*75*7 BABSL
34.925*57.15*8.85 UP 55*78*8 BAFSL1SF
35*47*6 BAFSL1SF 53*90*10 TCN
35*52*5 BAKHDSN 50*70*10 TCV
35*52*6/5.5 BAFSL1SF 58*80*8 BABSL
35*54*6/5.5 BAFSL1SF 52*75*9 TCV
35*55*7 BAFSL1SF 57.15*76.2*9.53 BAK
38.15*57.15*9.5 UP 60*80*7/5.5 BAFSL1SF
38.1*57.15*7.95 TCV 60*82*12 TCN
35*55*11 TCN 60*106*7 BABSL10F*2
38*58*11 TCN 62*85*7 BABSL10F*2
35*60*15 TCNY 63.9*89*11 TCM
35*55*12 TCN 65*97*7.5 BAFSL1SF
34.92*57.15*7.93 TCV 65*88*7 BAFSL1SF
35*52*10/12 BASL 60*80*7/6 BAKHDSN
31.77*50.75*11 TCV 65*85*7 BAHDSN
30*52*7 BABSL 66.675*95.25*10 BABSL
35*50*6 VC 70*90*7/5.5 BAFSL1SF
35*48*5.5 BAKHDSN 70*95*7 BABSL10F*2
34.92*52*6 BAFSL1SF 73*90*7/8 BAFSL1SF
30*48*6 BAFSL1SF 75*120*7 BABSL10F*2
32.5*40.2*6.5 VC 70*90*6 BAKHDSN
33*46.3*4.1/3 VC 80*100*7 BAFSL1SF
40*55*6/5.5 BAFSL1SF 85*110*8 BAFSL1SF
40*62*6 BABSL10F* 285*110*83 AB4SL0.8
40*62*11 TCN 90*110*7.5/8.5 BAFSL1SF
40*67*7 BABSL10F*2 100*120*8 BABSL10F*2
40*80*7.5 BAFSLISF 95*140*8 PPS
42*62*7 BABSL10F*2 100*120*12 TCV
44.45*60*7 BAFSLISF 110*130*12 TCV
44.45*63.5*8.89 TCM 110*130*7 BAFSL1SF
44.45*63.5*9.5 UP 150*164*5 TCV
45*62*7 BABSL10F* 2240*270*8.5 BABSL1
45*65*6 BAFSLISF 300*340*10 AOFS
45*65*7/6 BAKHDSN 300*340*15 AD


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  • We have got the ISO9001: 2008, TS16949 certification to make sure the oil seals with high quality and rigorous process;
  • We have many years for the oil pump seals for wholesaling and manufacture, and we are maturely acquire the knowledge to research and develop;
  • We can support customized service, if you are considering of the bulk of oil pump seals, we are glad to welcome;
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